Best Farming Simulator 15 Trailer Mods

Best Farming Simulator 15 Trailer Mods

You know how they say in village: „If you have a farm you must to have a truck and if you have a truck you need to have a trailer for it“. Truck without a trailer is like a lumberjack without an ax, like a farm without a farmer and like fields without seeds. So let’s get the best Farming Simulator 15 trailer mods.

SAMSON PG PACK TRAILER V 1.5 MOD – green exterior looks classically with those red wheels.

JOHN DEERE 678 BALE WRAPPER 2.0 MOD FOR FS 15 – wraps grass bales automatically.

OMBU TRANS REMOLQUE V2.0 FOR FS 15 – added suspensions and reflection paintings. You can feel the load while braking slowly.

JOSKIN BETIMAX RDS 7500 TRAILERS MOD PACK V4 – its main purpose is to transport animals also it is possible to transport smaller vehicles.

CAT SEMITRAILER GOOSENECK MOD – this trailer can hold 120 k. It has a goose neck.

GOOSENECK US MILK TRAILER MOD – its purpose is to transport milk. It has a goose neck tongue in order to be able to use more goose necks.

TRAILER MAZ-953000-011 V 1.0 FOR LS 15 – this mod causes dust from wheels and leaves traces, has backlight, capacity of 25 000 liters and the main purpose is to transport standard culture and sand.

IFA HW8011 FOR FS15 – this mod is very universal because this trailer can transport fertilizer, grain, pressed hay, etc. This trailer is one of the best Farming Simulator 15 trailers mods list which has blocking bel / sheaves.

KRAMPE 750 MULTI HDR DYEABLE TRAILER V1.2 MOD – this multi trailer has HDR Dyeable body textures and it is washable. You can enjoy the ability to play with multiple players.

HORSCH TITAN 38 V 2.0 FOR FS 15 – it is last but not least trailer with many attractive properties.

You will be nicely surprised while exploring and discovering features of the best Farming Simulator 15 trailers mods.


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