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Falkenberg Map v1.0.0.1 Map

Welcome to the Falkenberg map,

Small update:
What has changed and what has been fixed?
– Added more decoration
– Grass areas made more beautiful
– PDA slightly better adjusted
– BGA land can now be bought so that it can be used
– Few small yard adjustments
– Added launch vehicles (cultivator, sprayer, trailer)
– Decorated dirt roads
– Signs posted
– Landscape adjusted
– Adjusted and edited 2 forest
– Added LOW Distance trees and removed standard
Due to lack of time, it is currently not possible to continue building in this way.
I will continue to build when I have time, but this version will have to do for the time being.
This version must first be checked and approved by a moderator so that it is visible to all users.

On this map, you can bring your machines to the limit, because the partly steep fields and meadows claim very good technology & machines. The map is flat as well as steep fields and meadows.
There is a large start farm with cows, pigs, and sheep on this map.
In addition, there is a horse farm, be. Riding facility.
There are on this map still inside prefabricated properties which one can buy around even there to build to be able. Falkenberg already has a land trade and small various stores.
The map Falkenberg there was already in LS17, but I have now decided to build the whole map from scratch. This is when the new Falkenberg emerged.
This is not yet the final version of the Falkenberg map. It will always continue to build and improve. Should you have suggestions for improvement, you are welcome to tell me.
What concerns the PDA, I can not yet understand myself, at one time that was so that it is slightly offset, but if one of you can fix it with the PDA then he can send me the PDA gladly too, and I will insert you then in the new version. About it, I would be very grateful.
Now I wish you ersteinmal fun with the map Falkenberg.
P.S I know there are always a few of you who have something to complain about, then do me, and you the favor and do not download the map and play another. Building a map doesn’t mean just tinker something in 5 min, but requires some time. Other mappers and modders can certainly understand it.
Think drann without mappers or modders the game would never be as interesting as it is now!

Modell: Happyfunny30-Chris-Zockt Mapper: Happyfunny30 - Chris-Zockt

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