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Lamborghini R4 for farming simulator 2015!!

The R4 is the ideal multi-purpose tractor. Simple practical and functional. it is perfect for any agricultural application. Reliable and versatile but with all the hallmark characteristics you expect in a Lamborghini: exclusive design ergonomics and performance.

A sturdy tractor defined by clear cut, decisive lines. Simple yet imposing forms and sophisticated details create the exclusivity typical of a Lamborghini.

With a capacity of 4,038 cc, high pressure common rail injection and turbocharger with intercooler, these engines deliver impressive power.The R4 has an impressive torque reserve for extraordinary pulling power and to keep on working undaunted even in the toughest conditions. Electronically controlled fuel injection and programmable engine speed for optimised consumption and maximum productivity.

The Powershift transmission with proportional solenoid valves lets the driver constantly vary speed in relation to load, for extraordinary overall performance (sixty FWD/REV speeds and top speed of 40 Km/h with engine at economy speed).The Sense Clutch hydraulic reverse shuttle with adjustable response and Stop&Go system makes the tractor highly manoeuvrable even in restricted spaces.Over Speed function for increased fuel economy, and PTO available as four speed version (540/540ECO/1,000/1,000ECO) or as synchronised version with independent shaft.

Hydraulic system with dedicated 58 l/min pump (or optional 90 l/min pump) for superlative performance, and separate independent pump for the hydrostatic steering system. Available with three (or, as an option, four) electronically controlled proportional distributors with flow regulator and timer. Optimised fuel consumption with the “Energy saving” system. An independent 44 l/min pump ensures total steering control without sapping power from the main hydraulic system.Electronically controlled rear lift with load capacity up to 6,600 Kg (with two optional supplementary jacks).

Roomy, ergonomic cab with comprehensive analogue and digital instrumentation. Excellent forward and upward visibility, with a panoramic roof with a large glass panel; and outstanding visibility at night, too, with six work lights on the cab roof and at mid-height on the tractor.A comfortable work environment, with a four speed ventilation system boasting ten adjustable vents in the headliner and control console.Air conditioning is available in all models.

Giants,hi-by and RazvanFPaun for fixing the problems

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