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Shadow Wolf Map V 0.1

Hail me. I honestly had long gehardert with me if I should make a new edition of Schattenwolf card. Because I will always replacements many details my cards always very large as far as the volume of data. But as I have, or rather a member of Facebook, but then thought to build two cards. Here I present you then that is the multiplayer version.
It should be said as the first – is the number of card may come familiar. It is because it already gave this card before. This version is only a small edition once so you can verscahffen an overview to you again. In the next update, some adjustments are then drinne and then the multiplayer mod should be finished. Should If no errors occur.

The map
The map is based wuaf the Standart Map. Whether they are still far anything to do with the standard map has then can you decide for yourself. In some places, the card has just been changed more than in other places.

The forest enterprise located in the cattle breeding. There you have the possibility of your vehicles under observed in two halls. You can share your chips and your logs between camps. To the forestry operation grow around some large forests that you can edit it. But careful, not all forests belong to you.

The livestock includes sheep and cattle breeding provide. The cattle breeding can be found quite regularly where they can also be found on the standard map. The sheep are still in the old place. However, they are still so you move the sheep has little closer at the actual event.
The main courtyard
The main courtyard has also changed somewhat. Some buildings have been added and some were relocated.

The vehicles
Currently, the standard are listed and placed vehicles. However, then some new vehicles is to come out with the next update.

What else remains for me to say?
With whom the WinRAR is not loaded unpacked the file and then just make purely in the modfolder.

Gaints, SchattenWolf

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