ATC Container Transportation Pack v1.3.0.0 MOD

I am very sorry, but for various reasons, I had to rename the mod, which is why the ZIP file is now different:
FS19 ATC Container Transportation Pack zip

The old version FS19 ATC Transportation Pack zip must therefore be deleted from the modfolder.
So you lose nothing, I recommend the following procedure:
Sell ​​all existing vehicles from the old version first
old version of the pack (
copy the new version of the pack ( into the mod folder
Start game and activate mod
Buy all vehicles again


New hits:
new modname

Adjustments / changes:
The MAN TGS (Semi and Container Truck) now have a straight side underrun protection (without bulge). The spare wheel was replaced by an additional 300l (TGS 26 + 33) or 400l (TGS 18) petrol tank.
Possible loadings of the trailers TGD_20Multi, TSDH_20Multi and the truck TGS_20Multi
1×20 ‘container
2×10 ‘container
Possible loads of the trailer TGN_40Multi
1×40 ‘container
2×20 ‘container
4×10 ‘container
1×10 ‘+ 1×20’ + 1×10 ‘
1×20 ‘+ 1×10’ + 1×10 ‘
1×10 ‘+ 1×10’ + 1×20 ‘
All loading options are now configurable in the shop (as with the Kaessbohrer)

bug fixes:

little things:
Unnecessary textures deleted


Uploading to other websites is not allowed.
Reproduction and / or modification of the models for re-publication requires my release.

Have fun with it!

V1.0.0.0, 02.01.2019, new mod
V1.1.0.0, 06.01.2019, added TGS20Multi
V1.2.0.0, 26.01.2019, added SemiTractors for containers
V1.3.0.0, 16.02.2019, major update to support multiple containers on one truck or trailer.


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