Best Farming Simulator 2015 Mods

If you are a real fan of Farming Simulator world you have already read about best Farming Simulator 2015 mods such as money, maps, combines, tractors, trailers, trucks and cars. It’s time to bring out and announce the best Farming Simulator 2015 mods on the whole.So here is the best modifications.

KAMAZ 551114 FOR LS 15 – this Kamaz mod has capacity of 15 000 liters. Its wheels leave traces and cause road dust.

CLAAS JAGUAR 980 V2 FOR LS 15 – what can I say, Jaguar is always Jaguar no matter is it a real life or the world of Farming Simulator. CLAAS JAGUAR has fuel tank, RPM and speed indicators and other cool stuff.

SAMSON PG PACK TRAILER V 1.5 MOD – lovely, classic Samson trailer can enchant you with green exterior look and red wheels.

JOHN DEERE 678 BALE WRAPPER 2.0 MOD FOR FS 15 – very useful trailer used for wrapping grass bales.

OMBU TRANS REMOLQUE V2.0 FOR FS 15 – Spanish wind in the fields of Farming Simulator world. It has many useful features.

MAN TGS AGRAR MOD PACK SET V 4.0 – this mod is one of the best Farming Simulator 15 mods list which boasts capacity of 65 000 liter.

PETERBILT 388 TRUCK V1.1 – looks good from the outside and from the inside. It’s a good looking PETERBILT TRUCK which is hauling trailers.

VOLVO FH16 WITH CRANE TRUCK V 1.0 – has crane, added weight and four legs. Real animal!

LEXION 780 MULTI FRUIT V 2.2 MULTIFRUIT VON TVSIMONLP MOD – if this combine mod would be a human it would be a hard-working and diligent.

NOVADISC 1800 MOWER V 1.0 FOR FS 2015 – lawn mower working width is 18 meters.


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