Bree V 1.0 FS15

I want to introduce you to the Map “BREE” shortly. There are three places that is to be a
the small town of Bree, situated on the River Brandywine divides the map and on the other
the two places Archet and Stadel. Left and right on the banks of the Brandywine
there are several fields that already all be yours. The total of 50 fields of Map,
followed by a focus on a balance of box sizes, all have to be bought.
On the map, there are several Farms, in Bree, it is the
Agricultural cooperative with barn was once an old LPG court and the
Sheep farm, in Stadel is the organic pig farm and in Archet
there is the chicken farm and cattle fattening. Furthermore, there is still a BGA
and the stud Buckland on the map.

in Bree
Dairy – Milk purchase
GetreideAG – wheat, barley, canola, corn
Mill Brawler – wheat, barley, corn
Landfleischerei – pigs, cattle
Garden Center – slurry and manure
Emma`s shop – Eggs

in Stadel
Sawmill – Wood
BioSchweinemastbetrieb – Straw

in Archet
Sugar factory – sugar beet
Wood pellet plant – chips
Potato tuber – Potatoes
Spinning Hasufel – wool

on the Map
Stud Buckland – grass, hay and straw
BGA – silage

Technical specifications
– 50 boxes each of which must be purchased
– 14 pastures all already belong to you
– 10 different sizes and distributed on the Map Woodlands
– Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, cattle and pigs
– Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, grass
– choppedstraw
– Open spaces in Archet for placeable objects

Required Mods

Thanks go to Vertex Design, Marhu, Eisbearg for their mods, to the testers Ralli69, Meckert Recker, Trike02, Anullu, Samari, Mokabaer, elchi09 and MF4400 for help.

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