Building V 1.0 LS15

Building V 1.0 LS15

At the beginning I would ask that everyone read the entire contents of this post! I do not want that there was no no overtones and so on.
Yes, I know for a while I was gone. I apologize for the absence. Finally, after so many months I seem a long-awaited development through you.
Here, you also have to apologize for these continuous delays. I feel a little silly because I wrote that I spent on vacation, and here a long time after the holidays, and building no. In the end, however, it is thanks to the help of ripped people managed to bring everything into order.

– Textures are AO,
– Installation does not have errors
– Clipdistance is set to 600,
– The enclosure can be fired using GE (Giants Editor)
– The building comes with a door trigger, which should only add to the map and all the doors and gates are working properly,
– Installation does not have any great importance, even though I tried to weigh as little as possible,
– The rest of triggers such as silage, pouring themselves you add too difficult this is not
– Rather errors do not. All we were trying to fix it.

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
Konwert & AO: GoldFox, JozinBazin
Graphics: Pioneer620 (PNR), Nowik, Paffcio
Help: Ziuta, Nowik, Paffcio, JozinBazin, Cayman96, Maxuq, cabbage, MafiaSolec, Primorac-an, Radeo, Axmpl, Siid, maki1234, Pioneer620, maty1221 and people with FB and others
Triggers: Ziuta, JozinBazin
Help with konwercie: Cayman96, JozinBazin

Many thanks for your help and for your time!
If someone forgot to apologize.

– Categorical prohibition of changing the link!
– If you move, copy all of this post!
– Prohibition editowania and issue without my knowledge!
– If you must necessarily draw a model of the building to your maps at least write something about the author and so on.
– Please download the original link! She would form thanks
– The more downloads, the greater the motivation for me and more and more mods for download, and not long be something to look at and download.
– Respect my work!
– Gets normally very please. What you okay to wait a little longer since so many have been waiting for?

I have a small request. Now please do not spend just any maps if you can. Because throwing Built on the map and adding a few trees, and the purchase is not everything


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