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Farmers Dream Big V 1.0 for FS15

Farmers Dream Big V 1.0 for FS15

A 4-FachMap. It is a fictional terrain with 27 fields, the size of 5 to 50 Ha Ha have. Eating resources frills I have largely omitted without the map to let go bald. Four fields are in your possession, and waiting to be ordered. The price per Ha is located at 20000 euros. The entire surface to be processed is nearly 615 Ha. You start with a comfortable fleet, so the can get started your immediately. The selling points are the same that are also present on the Standartmap, additionally, you can sell the garden center and manure. For the forester of you lies to the east of the site is a huge forest with harvestable 30m tall pines.
The cows, chickens and sheep are the main courtyard. The field edges are helpers and CP-friendly. That’s a fully playable map and no beta version. It has been extensively tested by me and the LOG is error-free. Nevertheless, it may be that I have overlooked minor bugs. In this case, and questions about the map, please message to me. The map will be developed and there will probably be another version in which I try to realize your desires. The plan is to now KGM, pork and beef cattle, shoped Straw composting plant But see for yourself … Have fun with the Farmers Dream Big.

Was installed include:
Grain Train at the station
Logtrain the sawmill
Egg tray
Slurry and manure sale
Food storage
Potatoes currently and beet stock
Digital level indicator saw factory and sawmill

Vertigo14 Jerrico Eisbearg RC-Devil s4t4n Marhu zatoxx hellboy1975 would like bauer Gene Borg

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7 thoughts on “Farmers Dream Big V 1.0 for FS15”

  1. The best map
    More on the ground 18 has an elevation that hinders the cultivation
    Can someone ne indicate a mod to level the land
    And the grounds are very dark

  2. so far i love this map, only been on it for about 30 mins, but i love having large fields, the huge forested area, easy access to everything on the farm, large tractors are not hindered when unloading feed and straw for the cows. my only problem is with field 18, while driving around looking at the map, i ran into a somewhat large hill that is impassable with anything but a speeding pickup, that was fun when i tried, but will be a prob when trying to cultivate/harvest that field with a worker. any ideas as to how to fix this, is this something i could do with the Giants Editor?

  3. Its a great map whit big Fields thats nice.. but Field 18 has a big wall middle of the field. And 60% of field 13 you cant sow bechouse it says you dont own that field.

  4. Hello there is a big concern with fields n°13 I cannot sow him in full because in the millieux he puts me it fields does not belong to you while jai to sow all the tour thank you for your answer

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