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Fendt Katana 850 V1.5.0.0 Mod

Fendt Katana 850
Transmission: Variable (CVT)
Starting Price: 450,000 €
Max. Speed: 40 – 50 KM/H
Engine: Liebherr D976
Power: 847 – 1047 HP
Weight: 17.1 Tonne

– Silage Additive – 215 Litres
– Lubrication Grease – 10 Kg
– Diesel – 1215 Litres
– DEF – 190 Litres

Capello Spartan 700
Working Speed: 15 KM/H
Required Power: 150 HP
Working Width: 6.9 m
Weight: 3.6 Tonne
Price: 87,500 €
Knives: 32
Discs: 16

Kemper 490 Plus
Required Power: 750 HP
Working Speed: 12 KM/H
Working Width: 9 m
Weight: 4.2 Tonne
Price: 139,000 €

Fendt 200 FB:
Required Power: 100 HP
Working Speed: 8 KM/H
Working Width: 2 m
Weight: 2.1 Tonne
Price: 25,000 €

Fendt P3003
Working Speed: 15 KM/H
Required Power: 80 HP
Working Width: 3 m
Weight: 1.1 Tonne
Price: 28,500 €

Kemper 400 F
Weight: 1.7 Tonne
Starting Price: 1,500 €
Lizard HT 700
Weight: 1.6 Tonne
Price: 1,500 €

– Added custom Fendt Katana minimap position icon for Dashboard Live
– Fixed visibility of Dashboard Live position icon on startup
– Added metallic plate for secondary connection hose point
– Revised certain shop options, removed certain files
– Fixed i3d element position on HT 700 trailer
– Updated modDesc to 80, updated translations
– Removed flashers from Fendt 1050 option
– Added EU/US warning sign shop options
– Added animated front PTO i3d element
– Added new twin tire options

– Additional Blender work on engine pulleys to increase visual accuracy
– Added large cooling radiator to engine with spinning blade animation
– Added transparent mesh cone door panel with IC animation + sounds
– Fixed various physics + movement issues on wheels/crawlers in XML
– Added many new 3D elements to model to improve visual accuracy
– Added rear beaconlight visibility in 850 or 1050 shop options
– Added in-cab storage compartment, with IC animation + sounds
– Added several new IC commands for external header control
– Added additional connection hose types to rear attachers
– Separate ball + hitch connector types added to rear
– Added support for Tool Height Control (see NOTES)
– Various fixes, adjustments and i3d optimizations
– Added new IC command to manually activate beeper
– Added functional in-cab radio with illumination
– Added compressed air nozzle to Katana engine
– added new external maintenance light via IC
– Added new IC armrest animation incl. sounds
– Updated modDesc to 79, updated translations
– Added thermos to cabin via IC, incl. sounds
– Added new GPS receiver options (see NOTES)
– Added new shop option for rear worklights
– Added QR code, scan this with your phone
– Added rear weight with reflector options
– Revised design of certain shop options
– Updated HT 700 strobe flash sequence
– Added animated belt drive to engine
– Removed tablet from passenger seat
– Removed Exhaust Extension support
– Added Tire Pressure functionality
– Revised custom paint job options
– Added support for Vehicle Years

– Added dedicated Dashboard Live screen to in-cab monitor, see NOTES for more information
– Added camera elements to Katana 850 i3d in order to enhance the Camera View system
– Katana 850 i3d file optimization, new engine i3d elements, rear axle decals fixed
– Camera View system has 3 dedicated camera angles to select: front / pipe / rear
– Added selectable in-cab monitor screens via IC, see NOTES for more information
– Added side decal shop options to Katana 850, minor decals and XML changes
– Added dedicated IC button to activate internal engine light from in-cab
– Spartan 700, 200FB and P3003 now have a required horsepower XML entry
– Added beacon light to Lizard HT 700, added IC control to move support
– Updated DEF download link as modhhub version has LUA errors
– Added new brand decal to P3003, new color option added
– Added cabin air conditioning via IC, incl. IC sound
– Adjustments to Lizard HT 700 lights and reflectors
– New special edition paint jobs for the Katana 850
– Added new wheels + shop options to Lizard HT 700
– Added dual front wheels + crawler track options
– Overhaul of modDesc text, links and IC commands
– Added Capello Spartan 700 side cutter knives
– Added reverse beep shop option to Katana 850
– Added Sunvisor to Katana 850 cabin via IC
– Shop option added for Camera View system
– Added several new DisplayBrand images
– New Kemper 400F shop + color options
– Added custom IC sounds

– Added new 3D elements to HT 700, incl. move support, decals, lights, licence plate etc.
– Added animations and full axis control to external mirrors via IC, incl. sounds
– Added new 3D elements, decals and multiple shop options to the Kemper 400 F
– Updated credits, text formatting, minor changes, price adjustments, XML etc.
– Updated emissive cabin lights, added new emissive lights to buddy seat
– Added HT 700 header trailer for easy transport of the Spartan 700
– Added new object changes to Katana 1050 configuration
– Added IC functionality to wipers, 4-way wiper control
– Added tablet on buddy seat, minor cabin adjustments
– Added new 3D elements and decals to Kemper 490 Plus
– Mod updated to be Giants testrunner 8.13 compliant
– Fix invalid color code, updated modDesc to 77
– Added new 3D elements to Katana 850 engine
– Added Kemper 400 F Comfort Support Wheel
– Added Kemper 490 StalkBuster support
– Added Forage Straw pickup support
– Added Camera System support
– New store and mod icons

– Spartan 700 features opening panels via IC, new animated elements incl. PTO, gear wheel and chain + connection hoses
– Kemper 490 Plus features custom PTO connection and extensive new decals added, new sound scheme added
– Fendt P3003 features opening panel via IC, new animated elements incl. cogs, gear wheels and chains
– Extensive 3D modeling performed on the Spartan 700, many new elements for visual accuracy
– Added Fendt 200FB, Capello Spartan 700, Fendt P3003 and Kemper 490 Plus headers
– Fendt 200FB features a custom PTO attachment and new connection hose
– Beacon lights changed to base game assets based on feedback
– Exclusive PTO attachment created for each custom header
– Added new IC buttons to turn on more in cabin functions
– Fix missing object change on front safety shop option
– Updated modDesc to 75, minor fixes and changes
– Steering wheel base animation sounds changed
– Further improvement to decals image quality
– Removed unnecessary text from modDesc
– Added Pipe Control for forage harvesters
– Added Katana 1050 motor configuration
– Added custom Interactive Control icons
– Added new language translations
– Fix GPS functionality in XML
– Added new color options
– Fix seat decal

New features:
– Accurate vehicle specifications, increased visual accuracy of cabin and engine area
– Chrome pipe work, screws + bolts, hosing, decals, cables and many other elements
– Extensive 3D modelling and Blender work performed, Giants decals improved
– Cabin radio + air conditioning features functional illuminated displays
– Custom sound schemes for harvester engine, pipe, work mode, horn etc.
– Silage Additive tank animation, opening door + access panel, via IC
– Custom fire extinguisher, custom beacon lights, custom schema icon
– 2 opening compartments for battery storage and toolbox, via IC
– 5 opening panels to access engine area for maintenance, via IC
– Many new decals with accurate placement, modDesc raised to 74
– Multiple Interactive Control features in cabin and exterior
– Polispec© NIR sensor for monitoring of chopped material
– Custom grease lubrication system, incl. fill animation
– Engine compartment features internal illumination
– 16 animated pulleys + 3 animated belts for engine
– Animated engine fan + Polispec NIR fan animation
– All IC functions feature custom sound schemes
– Several new shop options, incl. color options
– Passenger Seat support, requires Kubota DLC
– XML adjustments, mirror quality Improved
– Special limited edition paint
– 3 front safety warning signs

Interactive Control:
– Internal engine light activation in-cab via IC
– Steering wheel base (enter animation + IC)
– Fold/Unfold header (interior + exterior)
– Lower/Lift header (interior + exterior)
– Monitor screens Left/Right
– Interior cabin light
– Mirrors Fold/Unfold
– Air conditioning
– Fold/Unfold pipe
– Left cabin door
– Emergency Stop
– Toolbox panels
– Worklight back
– Highbeam light
– Cruise control
– Hazard light
– Turnlights
– All panels
– Pipe light
– Glovebox
– Sunvisor
– Ignition
– Beacons
– Wipers
– Radio

– GPS (requires Guidance Steering mod)
– Manual/Automatic pipe control
– Special Edition Paint
– Polispec© NIR Sensor
– Wheel brands + size
– Front Safety Signs
– Side Decal Signs
– Rear Worklights
– Pipe Worklights
– Camera System
– Chassis Color
– Warning Signs
– Engine Setup
– Reverse Beep
– Main Color
– Roof Color
– Rim Color

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