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Fermenting Silo Multifruit v1.0.0.0 for FS22

This fermenter is intended primarily for my map edits and fully tested on Rogatki Multifruit, but will work on any map (read the Disclaimer) – only alfalfa and clover silages won’t work.
If you only want compost, download any other compost production mod (although if you can’t use organic waste with those).
In this silo fermenter, grass, alfalfa, clover or chaff is fermented into silage, alfalfa fermented and clover fermented.
If you also add the optional ensiling agent, the production output increases by 15%.
Organic waste or wood chips or straw or legume straw or corn stalks is fermented into compost. By adding slurry and manure you can boost the productivity.
Also CCM raw is fermented into CCM fermented. By adding mineral feed or bran you can boost the productivity.
The silo accepts and can spawn bales (not sure if Goweil bales can spawn).

Price: 45.000 $
Daily upkeep: 35 $/day

Compost needed for my greenhouses and orchards. Organic waste can be obtain from those and my oil mill.
You can sell the new outputs on your map, no sellingpoint needed.
Added the script FillType Limit Increaser by GtX, to prevent running out of fillTypes if using many production mods.

If your map doesn’t have some fillTypes, either those productions can’t run (alfalfa and clover fermented), either will need other ingredients (if missing legume straw – SOYBEANSTRAW, corn stalks – CORN_STALKS; for example, as far as I know, UMRV map by DJ Modding has these Filltypes) because the ingredients must be delivered personally and you are not able to buy them via production menu.

Although ccm raw, ccm fermented, alfalfa fermented, clover fermented are the same fillTypes used in maizePlus mod, the compatibility with it is none to partially (tested on a base map with maizePlus and didn’t worked properly, but maybe on a map with alfalfa and clover and with maizePlus at least fermenting these two and ccm should work; grass fermentation is changed in m+).
In the future I might make a maize plus version for it (if I manage to do it and have time for it, because I’ve not worked with m+ too much).

Jinkou89 TethysSaturn

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