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Greenhouse ModPak V 1.0.2 LS17

Version 1.0.2
Neue Schop Kategorie registriert.
Jetzt sind Gewächshäuser unter “Svapa Agro Produktion” zu finden
Lager für Paletten mit beeren zugefühgt, man braucht keine Paletten Lager Pack mehr.
div. bag fix

Thus I present to you next Mod in the planned production chain “production mods SVAPA Agro”.
This is a set of three greenhouses to choose from, namely –
Greenhouse for strawberries,
Greenhouse for raspberries and a
Greenhouse for redcurrants.

for the operation of greenhouses, the following resources are required:
1. water
2. Manure
3. pallets of our Mod “Palletenwerk” http://www.farming17mods.com/palettenwerk-placeable-v-1-0-5-fs17/
4.Karton of our Mod “cardboard factory” http://www.farming17mods.com/kartonfabrik-placeable-v-1-0-3-fs2017/

Important!!! Pallets and boxes of other mods are not accepted. Since the fillType are not compatible.
As products come crates on pallets with different berries.
Greenhouse products can in the fruit selling point (is in Mod included) are sold.

The mod is 100% compatible with all our mods. Is tested on standard map by LS (on the screenshots “Sosnovka”). As goes with other mods, must be tested.
The big request to all, because we tinker with our free time and do not always have time to test, really only describe in their comments at the Mod error.

Modell: Giats Textur: mikki/Hippocampus Script: marhu, kevik98, Blacksheep-RC-Devil Idee / Konzept: mikki

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