This is to build primarily a SP- Map which I started for me, as it has but also like other I am they decided not you withhold and here anzibieten to DL)

On the Map more Bodenwinkel are installed resulting in a Kompas offers the tools to better target;)

There are on the map a courtyard in which everything is in place, cattle and pig fattening, grain storage, cesspit, dunghill loading ramps, stables with MixFeeder, manure storage, feed position round a MilchMax I hope I did not forget the milk can bring to the dairy or at MilchMax her himself verrarbeiten and then sell the milk to the dairy-H. In addition to the farm equipment dealer is the livestock market where you can buy young animals for fattening facilities. The gemästen Tere can you then sell across from the dairy at the slaughterhouse. Lime to fertilize the fields you can buy at Nordzucker and einagern at court. in grain storage kan also protects the seed itself produced are stored and also removed again. The seed and the compost can you at garden centers sell next to the Kompostlanlage is. Wood for the Saägewerk you can pick from the forests and sell the boards pallets at the Agravis manufactured there. The prices of the milk barrels and the wooden pallets are also displayed in the PDA. through the great forest takes us to a large meadow, where willing are already Grasschwade: D.
En Strohkrafwerk is located on the BGA (Ball for destruction) and also the BMHKW what chips required)
There is also on the map a grain trade where you will be harvested grain at good prices rid Furthermore, you can sell potatoes and beets Agravis and cereals)

When stable among the trees is a crap interim storage. When manure storage sites and the dung heap of the cows straw bales can be reingeforfen these are then converted into manure. it can also use the camp for straw, grass, silage and with the corresponding bales are geüllt: D

The map is created hilly and the fields have all other forms, there is no purchasable fields can all be managed from the outset)

By the middle of the map runs a road that is intended to be a thoroughfare it passes from one valley to the other and has a tunnel)

To avoid mistakes please use the map alone in modfolder use (no other map in the folder) and make sure that no duplicate mods folder are. The is the beileigt the Pack spezell adapted for this map.
The aud the Pack is required for Güllefüllstation the stable manager.

IFKO [coordinator] -> Bridges -> Multi fruit, grass plumes on the large lawn, ….. Manuel -> BGA, Sky, PDA – Map Marhu-> mast production line, Sawmill, Seedmaster, StopMilksale Fatian -> streets Nick98.1 Signs barn -> Timber131 Bluebaby210 -> MixFeeder joker301069 -> Show prices and adjust of wooden pallets and Milchax Farmer_Andy -> MilchMax Jaguar95 -> Thank you for testing the MAP All the objects and scripts I’ve used and have forgotten to list here

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