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Kernstadt2015 Edition Alf V 1.2 Finale FS 2015

Kernstadt2015 Edition Alf V 1.2 Finale FS 2015

So this is my very first map that I have built, because she was playing so well in the 13-ies.
On the map there are only standard fruits Ls 15th
Are installed
Large food warehouse with conveyor belts at the court (1984Fendt936)
Slurry storage on the farm (Andy1978)
Stockbreeding equipment Pig Beef Huehnerzucht (Marhu)
Gueterbahnhof with moving train, (Giants)
Saegewerksbahnhof by train, (Giants)
Country trade,
Bio mass work,
large halls for shelter from vehicles (Dutch Agricultural Modelling)
above the village of Schlachter (Credit Seba j)
the forest enterprise with sawmill. (Credit Marhu)

atze1978 – road kit V1
frisco0177 – feed stores
mailman – pole Pack V 1.0.0
anke to Mach1 – Andy.

PS: I know it reads anyway no one but I write here anyway:
The map is playable, although not everything is as I wanted it, but it’s my 1 Map I’ve built.
The Map returned error with Chicken store image, but it works anyway.

And !!! The nonsense as I forbid the Map elsewhere hochzuzladen etc. will save me here and now, because it keeps no eh !!!!
If the map would improve someone and would like to get permission to do so can feel free to contact via Modhoster or send message to me. !!
– Hot air balloon and blimp
Baden Bauer nursery from its Map
BigDaddy low for the release of the core city version ls 13
Silv3r for the release of Stonesmap.
Big thanks to all these and participating
and more recently to those modders I have now forgotten to call.
As well as a thank you to Mach1Andy for supporting the project.
Here you can post your errors from now, if you will. Thank you


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One thought on “Kernstadt2015 Edition Alf V 1.2 Finale FS 2015”

  1. Someone for God’s sake could put multifruit this map, I can not put, I’m arumando this map, here seven days I will release the v2

    Very good map, the author can put more fruit
    Ex.fruit_sunflower, fruit_rye, fruit_oat etc ..
    I really like the map
    Or a kind soul to edit the map
    I have Average experience en can not map more additional other fruiit sunflower, rye, oat

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