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Maschio Lelio 6 Tractor V 2.0

Maschio Lelio 6 Tractor V 2.0

Reversible plow brought with safety bolt
fixed head
Working width mechanically variable in steps of 5 cm by fixing screws
Automatic memory (for versions 4 or more plowshares)
Distance between Shares: 85cm – 95cm – 105cm – 115cm
Frame: 100×100 (S series); 120×120 (M series); 140×140 (L series); 15×15 (Series XL);
Height from ground: 75cm – 80cm – 90cm – 95cm
Coulter last body
Leg Mooring
Skimmer (standard) or deflector (free option)
Chisel on each vomere0

The wide section of the single-beam frame (up to 150 mm), combined with their high distance between the bodies (up to 115 cm) and ground clearance (up to 95 cm), makes this model for optimum plowing more difficult. The models are characterized by the system LELIO ‘PITCH’ to change the working width. All models are equipped with safety bolt and are available in 4 versions (S, M, L and XL). The number of bodies varies from 2 to 5 + 1, while the power required from 60 to 300 HP.

Version 2.0
* Added Blinken * Neue Texturen HD * Jetzt ist der Pflug nicht mehr zufällig springt (Patch 1.3 BETA) * Feste Index Radbewegung * New Schmutz

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