METAL POLE SHEDS 2015 V2.1 mod

METAL POLE SHEDS 2015 V2.1 mod

Fixed paths.

Must be placed with GE!

NOTE: Some knowledge of GE and the ability to edit xml’s is necessary for
this mod to be useable and operate correctly, as the shed doors are
closed by default. To be able to open the sliding doors, additional entries
are needed in the map modesc.xml.

Installation instructions included in the zip.

Unzip and place folder in map/your d/loaded models folder, import into map
using GE 6.03

The manualBarrier mod scripts by Blacky_BPG are used to operate doors and
lights. To understand the doors operation read the .pdf (en) in the MANUAL
BARRIER V5.15.5 download here;


In the user attributes, a unique number should be assigned to each door/light
of manualBarrierId.

Three separate pole buildings (blue, green, red) for machinery storage updated from FS2013 to FS2015. Sliding doors on each end are equiped with separate over-lapping triggers on each door for opening/closing doors and outside light. This light only stays on while vehicle is outside, inside the trigger in front of the

If in vehicle, or player on foot, press “o” and doors remain open till in the
trigger again and “o” is pressed.

To the right of the doors at each end is the interior light switch trigger, press

The name “OPEN_GATE” is essential to maintain since it is explicitly requested by the script, otherwise errors in the log-file appear.

Standard text entries for the included objects and default text attributes of the
script must be added in the L10N section in the modDesc.xml:

“One or more textures on these 3D models have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be re- distributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.”

Lights, textures, and triggers from manualBarrier mod by GIANTS, Blacky_BPG Scripts by Blacky_BPG Sheds by Hermit23

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