Mod Installer V Ls15

Mod Installer V Ls15

What makes the LS15 Mod Installer:
This tool is installed and uninstalled mods simple

By List view one has a good overview of the mods in your download folder, like any other files that are not mods not displayed

Overview of the installed mods

At a glance you can see what’s behind the mod shop, as the pictures will be displayed

Will not the standard Windwos download folder is used, can be set in the menu and is saved for the next use

If the LS15 Mod folder can also be outsourced to these and adjust

Detailed view of the mods (price, name, author, etc.)

Price and maintenance costs are subject to change in Datail view

Windwos Vista / 7/8

For suggestions, requests or problems, please message to me.

Update Version
Future version changes are now displayed when the program is started the first time after an update
Version changes can be found under Info> Update Notice

Update Version
NEW: Different layouts available

Update Version
Mods are now copied and no longer postponed
Subfolders in the download directory will now also be searched
small adjustments

Update Version
Expansion of individuals
Map images are now displayed

Update Version
Savegame editor available in the menu

Update Version
Identified new mods in the download folder and added to the list, while the program is running
Incorrect or corrupted files in the folder that you have problems, these files are now recognized and ignored

Update Version
Detailed overview available (right-click on a mod)
Price and service are subject to change in the detail overview
under Info> last error, you can open the error log and check the last error displays

Update Version
It can now be a double-click on a mod installed or uninstalled
Now appears on the picture Mod version
div decisions when right clicking on a Mod

Update Version
One problem with the “bouncing list”
Problems benutzerdefenierten folder
small improvements


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