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Informative note:
Summer left us many days of harvest and we were able to work our fields and feed our cattle without worrying about the sky.
Autumn 2020 is here with a new texturing of an autumn environment. The rainy days increase, the wind is stronger and you have to prepare for winter.

You can continue with your saved game.

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new traffic system.

This system that I have devised and developed, improves interaction with traffic, offering you greater realism.
Traffic will respect you, giving you priority of passage. Also in turn, the traffic is regulated by itself, giving priority to some vehicles over others.
With this system the traffic and driving on the highway is more realistic.
Later I will add a new traffic that I am working on.

R.D.C is translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
If you like R.D.C and its features, and you want me to translate it into your language. Comment on the official Farming simulator forum.

Autumn has arrived!
– New autumn texturing.
– Touch-ups on some textures and objects.
– Modified some buildings of the points of sale and created new textures.

– Touched terrain textures, particles and effects. Now the terrain is more realistic.

– The increase in food consumption begins and decreases the water consumption.

– Autumn.
– New traffic system.

– Autumn: Rainy and cloudy days increase.
– The rainy days will last between 8 hours and a maximum of 11 hours of the game.

– Not compatible with Seasons.
– Not compatible with Straw Harvest.



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