Rental Mod Script V 2.2

Rental Mod Script V 2.2

Hello there,
Here I have for you my new Mod for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2015th
This is a great novelty, which I really wanted to bring you too LS 2013
but I am no longer become there towards the end of time constraints finished.
Now I have taken the mod times and rebuilt for LS 15th

This mod allows you to rent all vehicles and equipment.
You can do this via the “Rent” button which appears to you in the shop with the mod.

If you click there to rent, you have yet to select a rental period,
how long you want to rent the Mod.
You then press on hire, the tractor is available at dealers.
After expiration of the lease, the lease is automatically extended by one hour,
this will cost, but 15% more than if you had just hired him an hour longer.

Other functions from Mod:
– Chat message to all, if someone sinks a rental car in the water.
– If the vehicle is submerged in water, a penalty is paid.
– Are you a vehicle with an empty tank back, you pay for refueling after.
– Also mods can be rented.
– If you are sitting in a rental car, standing on top of the clock, the remaining lease term.
– You can return rental vehicles through the shop or on the sell trigger.
– 1 day prior to the expiration of the lease is a message in the chat, which expires at the lease.
– At the end of the rental period, the rental period by one hour, for more money (15%) increased.
– All the 14 rental vehicles, which are run as the last in a list (K key, only if you do not sit in the vehicle).

Version 1.0.1 Hot Fix Changelog:
– Stock list (key K) can also be in the vehicle call
– In Maschienrückgabe about Verklaufstrigger you get for attachments money
Version 1.1 Changelog:
– The EN version Error Return: luaComp / input / scriptLoader.lua: 217: Invalid option ‘% $’ to ‘format’
– The ‘Rent’ button is not English in the shop, When playing the game with english settings.
– He has only Mod Maps, which do not have a sales trigger, the problem then the return of the vehicle does not work and the game to crash.
luaComp / input / GUI2.lua: 422: attempt to index field ‘vehicleSellingPointBase’ (a nil value)

Version 2.0 Changelog:
– If you have changed the resolution GUI is warped.
– Rent Button now available in other languages
– At Garden Center Store is a rental Button
– All money symbols now adapt to the game currency.
– All texts are now no longer only in German
– It now receives money for the seed remains in the Sämaschienen
– Polish, Czech: lechu – French: Greygil
– The color of hired vehicles can now be selected
(Can be changed in the config *) Remaining lease Hud bites with the Animal Hud -.
* The config can be customized at will.
To find this is under My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / configs / Miet_Mod

Version 2.1 Changelog:
– Fixed scriptLoader.lua: 423: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘hourLeasePercent’
– When was the the vehicles gemiteten menu you have chat
– Syncronisation the config did not work correctly
– Fixed some sporadic LUA errors
– The Config is now in savegame under configs / Miet_Mod / config.xml

Version 2.2 Changelog:
– 2.2 – NEW! The rental period can be extended
– 2.2 – NEW! New background for rental Menus
– 2.2 – NEW! Texts in Russian translated (Sergey)
– 2.2 – NEW! Lease Hud is now already displayed 24 hours before expiration
– 2.2 – Fixed error I18N.lua
– 2.2 – Polish texts revised (Dzi4d3k)
– 2.2 – errors that Config was not created resolved
– 2.2 – Fixed Rates of -99999xxxxxx €

By Alex2009

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