Save Editor V 4.0.7 for LS15

Save Editor V 4.0.7 for LS15

The Save Editor is an external program. So you can change the following settings on all maps (also Mod Maps) !!

more / less money
Increase / decrease debt
more / less gold coins
Wheat silo, the barley, Rapssilo, Körnermaissilo, chaff, hay, grass edit
Potatoes stock, sugar beet storage, edit chips
Received fields and also get rid of
Change flock of chickens, sheep population, number of cows
Slurry state, dunghill, edit milk
Game Speed ??scalable (via 120x addition)
Eggs in a backpack, eggs editable in the enclosure
S elect, if a tap is available (user request)
Reset all vehicles
Fill up all vehicles, clean all vehicles, a ll vehicles refuel (user desires)
Silage edit (at the BGA and also to the cow pasture)
Change multiplayer settings
You also get a lot of statistics and facts to his score output, such as the completed missions, mileage, equipment, bales …

Step 1: unpack zip file
Step 2: Double click on the exe file

1. Info: Who is the zip in the mod folder and wondering why nothing works, the 2 steps should look again :)
2. Please Note: This is an external program and it can only be opened from the outside game. Therefore: First open the program and change what you want. Then go into the game.
3. Info: Used Windows (usually available, otherwise an update is necessary) with DotNetFramework 4.5 or higher


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