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Sibbershusum MOD

“Hello and welcome to Sibbershusum”

This map is a 1: 1 replica of a community in the
North of Schleswig Holstein.

Here you can play alone or with your friends on over 100 fields and farm,
or grow the food for your animals. But you can also settle on several farms and
go different ways.

At the farm Sibbershusum you have the opportunity to raise pigs and let your sheep run in the pasture.
You can also produce your own seed and your own liquid fertilizer.
After this farm, there are three more farms that you can buy to produce more pigs,
or you buy a cattle farm and a dairy farm where you can raise your calves to the cows.
There is also a second yard where you can keep sheep.

Since we are here in the far north of Germany and the North Sea is not exactly far away, almost all fields are
moved with ditches, as it is there in reality.

The inclusion of the scripts / mods on other mods and maps is prohibited.

A big thank you to Stefan (Sibbershusum), because without him and his videos this map would never have been created!

– Chopped Straw webalizer
– Seaseons ready
– Hose System Wopster & Xentro
– Farming Tablet LS-Modcompany
– WaterTroughAddon GtX
– adBlue ready Blacky_BPG
– GasStationExtended Blacky_BPG
– Waage mit Statistikfunktion Blacky_BPG
– mCompanyGraphics LS-Modcompany

– Terrainwinkel Fehler behoben

– BGA hinzugefügt
– für CCM Mod vorbereitet
– Silo bei Schweinemastbetrieb hinzugefügt
– Trigger von Trocknungsanlage in Hallendurchfahrt verschoben

Required Mods:

LS Agrarservice/ Fendtfan79

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