Front loader

Transport troughs system V 1.1 Mod

consisting of: The transport troughs
A tank container
A washing container
A Seeds Fertilizer Tanks
A Wood Chipper.

The transport trough:
– Can tank containers, washing containers, 2 Seeds / Fertilizertanks or Woodchipper aufnemhen and attach it.
Here, any other suitable tool can be transported, such as seedling pallets.
Moreover, load still following with a load volume of 6000 liters of the basin:
grass_windrow chaff wheat rape maize barley potato sugarbeet silage forage forage_mixing woodchips

feed pellets wheat_windrow seeds fertilizer.
It is animated and has a standard Euro-holder for 3-point and front loaders.

The tank container:
– As the name implies, it is intended for liquid: water milk hmilk fuel.
It is equipped with a front loading Attacher to better lift him into the transport trough can.

But can additionally to the 3-point
are appended. Level indicator and overload hose are available as well as a display

what has been loaded.
Capacity: 6000 liters

The Seeds / Fertilizertank:
– Based on the BigBags, but simpler handling. There is only one tank, and may have either

be refueled with Seeds or Fertilizer.
It has a front loading Attacher and 2 each of which fit into the transport trough. Thus,

to Support seeders on no hofnahen fields.
Volume capacity: 3,000 liters

The Ehrle wash container:
– It may not always be Kärcher;) Again, a front loading Attacher must with water and fuel

be refueled. Overload tube was installed.
Capacity: 1000 liters of water + 150 liters of fuel. Connections and the lance are internal and

accessible via flaps.

The Woodchipper:
– Actually intended as a helper for small portions at the forest work, it can also easily

whole trees shredding. It too has a front loading Attacher and may even

in extreme positions yet fill your trailer.

SanAndreas, KillaBot Scripts: Marhu / Ifkonator / Farmer_Andy / Satis / KillaBot / Giants

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