TriggerExtend V 0.2 for FS 2015

TriggerExtend V 0.2 for FS 2015

With this mod, you have the option of additional or new fruits (which are Registered on the map) enforce the built-in sales trigger on your map. You can also set this completely new, but that is up to you.

The whole thing is, as always, SP / MP compatible.

The whole is configured via a triggerExtendSettings.xml. This is generated automatically when you first start and then in your main directory of LS 15th

By default trigger a sell (sell trigger) is pre-generated and expanded accordingly with silage and forage in the triggerExtendSettings.xml. (Station Freight Yard ie freight station)

Currently only available Sell triggers are integrated, so if this is or is not extended, I can not say yet.

All you have to do, the sell trigger is entered in the triggerExtendSettings.xml.

The whole thing looks like this.

triggerExtendSettings.xml configuration:

silage: 0.4, forage_mixing: 0.8, deleteOld: false

The first value is the name of a fruit LS15 and the second value is the selling price separated by a: (two-point). The individual selling products (comma separated) by a. If the sales price, the value 00:25 is omitted automatically.

Optionally, you can also deleteOld: true use. This would remove all the available types of fruit from the sale of trigger and simply enter your fruit. It is not absolutely necessary deleteOld: false enforce it so you can omit. If you only deleteOld: true sets without giving fruit varieties nothing would happen to the sale trigger, so it is not possible to delete a trigger to sale.

You could also write it as deleteOld. True silage: 0.4, forage_mixing: 0.8

So you have know which sell trigger which fruits / prices and names on the map, they are in the Log.txt whenever you start again displayed. So take a look just in your log file.

In MP games triggerExtendSettings.xml the data from the server to be used, the player of a game gets a joint brief information about which sales triggers have been amended accordingly.

Danger !! In the PDA only the fruits are listed which were used by the map builder there.

Additional mods like MinMax etc. are compatible with this mod.

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