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Village Shop With Building Function V 1. Mod

After the excitement was so great for my last mod, I have also made a village shop, with more subdivisions

Required Mod:
Again, wooden pallets of Marhu or alternatively Woodchips are used to build.
detailed instructions here:

The construction phases:
Palette (4000 woodchips) -> lower backbone
Palette (8000 woodchips) -> lower walls
Range (12000 woodchips) -> roof
Range (16000 woodchips) -> rooftop
Range (20000 woodchips) -> Doors
Range (24000 woodchips) -> interior walls, ceiling of the attic.
When the building is finished building can trigger the 1000 liters (limit so low because this is not the main source of income of a farmer but only a small extra income) goods are unloaded, which is gradually sold.
Sale of (emptytrigger): wheat barley lettuce paprika wine grapes chili cucumber kohlrabi potato pig cow calf beef lamb chicken2 jam fruit wine, beer, bread sandwich flour sugar salt olive oliveoel milk yogurt wheat oat triticale barley rye spelled rape sunflower mohn maize tomato pea pea carrot onion lime fertilizer apple apple sugarbeet orange cherry cherry pear pear plum plum strawberry strawberry pellets tpivo spivo egg

It takes 10 hours to get the product up. If the stock even be completely empty, all disappear Decoration until something comes. Because: The house can serve seasonal reasons as a garage, or shelter for small devices.
The roll container behind the house showing the current level of the goods. The more empty folding crates on it are the more full is the shop.

The properties this time are all by myself or standard objects of Giants, partially processed. I pray to see you on minor texture bug away :) That Built should be high enough to fit on even lawns.
The building is the little house from Björnholm farm as it has annoyed me already from the outset that I can´t go in (drive in) there. So I import it Blender, made accessible and re-textured.

Only the floor is taken from the gazebo of PowerPeter008.

In the zip file there is still a second zip file. Huwagen.Zip just unzip is an you get a pallet truck
I’ve settled because it is also seen in the photos and ensure the question comes danch if I send him.
Note: This mod is my first attempt was to make a vehicle. It is not nice, the camera work is a disaster, sometimes it depends simply on the ground, the farmer can not be seen and it works only with my pallet. Wooden pallets are heavy and wool pallets he does not like too much.
Conclusion: It is error-free. You are welcome to drive around, but there is no support from me, nor will there be a different version of it from me! Questions are skillfully ignored.

slowtide63, Giants

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