Vogelsang SwingUp 15m V 2.0 By Monteur1 Mod

Hi Com,
Since my Vogelsang SwingUp of akarvi liked it so much, and he has not written specially to the one must change it, I’ve made up my mind once more and a little bit tuned.
Thanks to akarvi for release that I can provide it for download.
So what has been done:
3D model revised, it is now correctly and completely washable and installed new Dirttextur
Inserted Parti Clean Imation to drag hoses
Hydraulic cylinders will now work with the flaps and hydraulic sound is also fixed
Inserted upper link mounting bracket
Lights installed (blinker light and brake light)
Price adjusted € 22,400
Slurry consumption increases, now needs 160l / second is I think realistically. If at 16km / h about 28Kubikmeter manure give up one hectare.
The Händling has changed due to the Parti Clean Imation a bit. Your proceeds as follows:
Attach linkage and select in the Device Selection
Lower linkage, no wonder it is only 1cm down, one can see the Parti Clean Imation better
Linkage turn and there you go.
Thanks to all modders who mitgarbeitet prior thereto. If all are in the credits.
Then have fun with it. I still have the explanation from the original of akarvi drangehängt.
MFG monteur1

Because I wanted to have a compact drip hose system for slurry for Holzhausen card and my Kotte and Samson were too big, I have summarily the Vogelsang SwingUp snapped 15m with his consent from Kyosho Samsonpack and a little improved. It originates from the 2013er-manure Pack from Daniel 11 and fruktor.

It can be connected to each slurry tanker with a corresponding tail lift and connect attacher (eg original Zunhammer, Samson)
It now injected only manure without cultivating.
It now works with the GPS Mod (working width).
Registration in the shop is now based on the manufacturer.

Price: 18000 €
Maintenance: € 12
PS: 160
Working width: 15 m

A little problem there is: the Hydraulicsound when folding the arms I first disabled. Otherwise continuous sound there on the ears, even if nothing is moving. Possibly the same problem as in the Unia-Palmet of maciusboss1. It’s my turn, but may take currently goes RL before. If anyone knows a solution, please write in the comments!
To avoid disappointment: the slurry texture on some images comes from Soilmod. On Standard Maps without this mod you can see only the dark fertilizer Layer. According to a user the SwingUp not work with him with the GMK-Mod. I can not reproduce the problem, for me it also works with GMK, see picture. If it is a server, it is for the GMK-Mod a server Fix on marhus page. Whether this is because, unfortunately, I do not know, maybe write directly to the GMK modders.
The coupling is a bit tricky, with too much momentum the SwingUp tilts ever backwards and then remain upright lie (then please reset the menu!). I’ve tried a lot to avoid. Unfortunately, then showed another difficulty. All right, pull over carefully and coupling! Whoever manages to couple the barrel in an internal perspective, gets a bee. I have it so far only once managed.
To take the drip hose system is in operation, easy to change with it, and lower G V. Then, the slurry tanker is switched on automatically. When lifting it is switched off again.
For me, the log is error-free. Whoever finds fault except the above mentioned, they may like to write in the comments.


Edit: The speed penalty described in the video is located on an entry in the xml. Since I myself like in reality quite slow driving with a loaded 20t heavy slurry tanker, my limited top speed is not noticed. :) Who sichs fast itself wants to change: in the vogelsang.xml Change the entry in row 13 to the desired speed. eg “40” for 40 km / h. Then you go faster, provided appropriate tractor power.
Edit2: release of daniel11 get!
The Mod everyone is allowed to change, as long as the credits mention any previous modders and the version numbers make sense. Before uploading new here or elsewhere please ask via PM.

LS2013 Urmodel: daniel11, fruktor LS15: Kyosho, akarvi

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