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Westbridge Hills V 3.0 FS 2015

Westbridge Hills V 3.0 FS 2015

This is an edited version of Westbridge Hills Move some things around, opend a few areas up. Took A few mods and installed them via Giants Editor such as:
Mixing Station V3.0.0
By Marhu.

Balestorage V1.2
By HenkieNL

Westbridge Storage Addon
By skjatala

The Mixing Station is located next to the cows shelter.
Their is 8 Bale Storage areas lined up by the cows milking station.
The Storage Addon is where it is by default.
Again those 3 mods are built in to the map and are NOT needed!

Kotte Universal V1.52
By Andy1978

Krampe 900 S V1.1
By McKnight

These mods are optional and are not required to use this map mod, however in order to sell slurry and manure you will need modded trailers to trasport manure/ unload slurry. Again no such mods are required however you will NOT be able to sell Manure or Slurry.

V3.0 Change log:
1. Added new shed to main farm area.
2. New textures for crops and grass.
3. New textures for fields.
4. Added shed in North Eastern fields.
5. Added extra shed in the western field.
6. Enlarged Some sheds to make them taller for equipment.

V2.5 Change log:
1. Fixed floating objects around cow area.
2. Reduced the number of Bale Storage areas from 8 to 5.

V2.4 Change log:
1. Reworked Slurry sell point (Now placed between the cows area and the Biogas Plant).
2. Reworked Manure sell point (Now placed between the cows area and the Biogas Plant).

V2.3 Change log:
1. Added Slurry sell point (located at Biogas Plant).
2. Added Manure sell point (located at Biogas Plant).

V2.2 Change log:
1. Fixed error with pda_beep.wav sound.

2. Adjusted sawmill trigger so you no longer have to manually unload logs. Simply drive your trailer over the trigger area.

V2.1 Change log:
1. Fix error with the mixing station particle system.

View the pictures for a visual understanding as to what was moved and where, the placement of the 3 mods, including areas that have been opend up.

McKnight Marhu HenkieNL skjatala

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