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Königsmoor 70er Jahre Map V 2.0 Beta

Königsmoor 70er Jahre Map V 2.0 Beta

Good Morning,
Tonight I present to you a short time my latest project.
The Wohldorf map is completed by using modders and I buae fleisig at the King moor map.
The special feature of the map is that there be different versions we
for oldtimer friends 60 he these two maps are linked 70s with custom mod and mod packs recommendation shall at the same Uploaded with the known Mod Modhoster page.
After 60 and 70 he then map the 80’s and follow the 90 years he map. There will be a version permanently zB80er map, then a komolette map where man builds through the decades that makes Map Buyable Objects of the mod portal possible by haystack on animal stall stall to stall until finally the mast comes as chickens mast of Marhu.
During this time, 60-Today, the agriculture and the village has developed fast living.
I place particular value on the Modder rich detail and especially many functions that you can use with the door trigger Vertex Map.
If any tips or good-looking building in the old silent I would love to see a link in the comment.
Criticism is welcome, I she as stimulus for improvement, because I want ye have fun playing.

How I came up with the idea
I want to build a map that builds up on something it has never been in Farming Simulator that verleicht of MAp a Karaktar the there is likely at any comparable map.
On the map there are many courtyards, repays in the 60 years he, then as a farm after another went bankrupt remained until today 3 courts, which have a lot Karaktar because they own have something from every decade.
Known maps of earlier, for example oldtimes I personally find not so good and it’s because all the buildings on the map look as if they had not received care 40 years.

Mfg Modding Team Wohldorf
Howey 12 ….
PS: more info at Wip Project

Stammt von mir

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