Best Farming Simulator 2015 Car Mods

What do you imagine when talking about farmers? I bet you think about cattle, grains, fields, wood, trucks, trailers, combines, tractors and other farm equipment. Could you imagine a farmer driving a car? Not just some Lada but really luxury car. It is rare in real life, but I think each one of you will want to get a car for himself in the Farming Simulator world. So let’s see the best Farming Simulator 2015 car mods list.

SKODA OCTAVIA 1.8 TSI CAR V 1.0 – this car mod will enchant you with itsnew blue-green colour. The price is 45 000 €.

AUDI R8 V10 SPYDER MOD V 1.0 – can reach of 99 km / h. Consumes about 15 liter of fuel on 30 km. It costs 48 000 €.

SPORTCAR CARRERA FOR LS 2015 – it’s a real dream car. Worth searching and spending every each eur.

VАZ 2101 CAR FOR FS 15 – reaches 80 km / h. Has opening trunk, doors and hood. Of course it leaves traces and causes dust. This car mod looks vintage and a girl with bubbled dress would suit this car.

BMWX5 SPECIAL VEHICLE V 1.0 CAR – white as snow, compact and spacious at the same time.

MERCEDES BENZ C350 CDI CAR V 1.1 – this car mod was so fast that creators of this version decided to make it a bit slower in order to make it easier to handle.

BMW M3 E92 CAR – has main features. You can drive fast, leave traces, cause dust and wash your car after your journey. Good new is that you can select the colour of your BMW M3 E92.

CAN AM ATV APACHE TRACK V 1.1 FOR LS15 – now this mod is working properly after fixing it. It looks like monster and rides like crazy.

DOGDE RAM 2500 TURBO DIESEL CAR MOD V 1.4 – is a turbo car of the best Farming Simulator 15 cars mods list. It has so many good qualities that it is not worth to waste time on talks, better to try TURBO DIESEL CAR immediately.

LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO SPYDER V 1.0 FOR FS 15 – has functional blinkers and brand new V10 sound that will drive you crazy. This car has a name which speaks for itself.

Best Farming Simulator 15 cars mods can easily seduce even those who do not like farming.


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